Unveiling the Pros and Cons of Booking Magical Entertainment: Exploring Direct Contact with Magician Michael Clayton at MidSouthMagic.com


When it comes to booking magical entertainment for events or special occasions, exploring various options is essential. While middleman platforms like Bark.com, GigSalad.com, GigMasters.com, PhilipandHenry.com, or The Bash provide convenience and claim that you can have vendors bidding for your business, there are specific disadvantages associated with using these platforms exclusively. Not to mention that no two entertainers are the same, and picking one just on price alone is not a good decision. It’s important to check reviews and watch any performance and testimonial videos geared directly to the type of program you are in the market to hire. In this article, we’ll dive into the drawbacks of relying solely on these platforms and shed light on the advantages of directly contacting service providers such as acclaimed magician Michael Clayton at MidSouthMagic.com.

Disadvantages of Using Middleman Platforms:

Increased Costs and Fees:

One of the significant downsides of utilizing middleman platforms is the additional costs they impose. These platforms often charge fees or commissions, potentially inflating the overall price of hiring magical entertainment. By contacting Michael Clayton directly, you can eliminate these intermediary costs and save on your budget.

Limited Customization and Personalization:

Booking through middleman platforms may restrict your ability to customize the magical entertainment experience. These platforms typically offer pre-determined packages or options that may not align perfectly with your specific event requirements or preferences. And often, a form doesn’t provide the exact description needed for an entertainer to provide the correct quote. By contacting Michael Clayton at MidSouthMagic.com, you can discuss your unique needs and tailor the performance to create an unforgettable experience and one that is appropriate for your audience.

Communication Challenges and Delays:

Relying solely on middleman platforms can introduce communication hurdles, as messages often need to pass through multiple channels before reaching the magician. This process can be time-consuming and may lead to miscommunications or delays in coordinating the performance details. By directly contacting Michael Clayton at 901-219-1134 or through MidSouthMagic.com, you ensure streamlined and efficient communication, ensuring a smooth planning experience.

Lack of Personalized Recommendations and Discoverability:

While middleman platforms provide a list of available magicians, the recommendations may not always be personalized or tailored to your unique needs. Their algorithms or search filters might not accurately match you with the ideal magician for your event. By directly contacting Michael Clayton, you gain access to an acclaimed magician with a proven track record, ensuring top-quality magical entertainment that aligns perfectly with your event vision.

Advantages of Contacting Magician Michael Clayton at MidSouthMagic.com or 901-219-1134:

Direct Negotiation and Flexible Pricing:

When you contact Michael Clayton directly, you can negotiate prices and discuss specific requirements. Direct communication enables a more personalized and flexible approach, allowing you to find a pricing arrangement that suits your budget while ensuring an exceptional magical experience.

Enhanced Customization for a Memorable Experience:

By directly contacting Michael Clayton, you can discuss your event’s theme, audience, and specific requests, enabling a higher level of customization. Michael’s expertise and willingness to adapt to your needs ensure a truly memorable and engaging magical performance that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Streamlined Communication and Real-Time Updates:

Communicating directly with Michael Clayton eliminates intermediaries, streamlining the communication process. You can expect clear and direct dialogue, minimizing the chances of miscommunication and ensuring prompt updates on the performance details. This efficient communication ensures a stress-free planning experience.

Access to Acclaimed Magician Michael Clayton:

Booking directly with Michael Clayton at MidSouthMagic.com or by calling 901-219-1134 grants you exclusive access to his exceptional talents. Michael’s extensive experience and renowned reputation as a magician guarantee a captivating and awe-inspiring performance that will elevate your event to new heights.


While middleman platforms offer convenience and a wide selection of magical entertainers, they also come with disadvantages, such as increased costs, limited customization, and communication challenges. By choosing to contact acclaimed magician Michael Clayton directly at MidSouthMagic.com or by calling 901-219-1134, you can overcome these drawbacks and unlock a range of advantages.

When you work directly with magician Michael Clayton, you bypass the additional costs and fees associated with middleman platforms. This allows you to allocate your budget more effectively and potentially save on overall expenses, all while receiving the high-quality magical entertainment that Michael is known for.

Moreover, by contacting Michael Clayton directly, you gain the advantage of personalized recommendations and tailored performances. Michael’s expertise and ability to understand your event’s unique requirements enable him to create a customized show that perfectly aligns with your vision.

Direct communication with Michael Clayton ensures streamlined and efficient coordination throughout the planning process. By eliminating intermediaries, you minimize the chances of miscommunication or delays, enabling you to focus on other aspects of event planning with confidence.

Furthermore, by choosing to contact Michael Clayton directly, you have the opportunity to experience the magic of a renowned and acclaimed magician. Michael’s reputation speaks for itself, with a track record of delivering captivating performances that leave audiences in awe.

In conclusion, while middleman platforms offer convenience, contacting magician Michael Clayton directly at MidSouthMagic.com or calling 901-219-1134 provides distinct advantages. You can enjoy enhanced customization, streamlined communication, and access to the talents of an acclaimed magician. By choosing direct contact, you can elevate your event with a truly mesmerizing magical experience curated by Michael Clayton.

Michael Clayton brings lots of abracadabra and hocus pocus to Horn Lake magic show

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    • Reprinted from the Desoto Times-Tribune

Michael Clayton became enchanted with magic tricks from an early age. His grandfather would reach up and pull a coin from thin air and then reach behind his ear and make another coin appear.

Today, he delights in seeing the faces on kids in the audience when he brings them on stage and pulls coins from the air and from their nose.

Elliot, a youngster from Southaven who assisted with the trick, had no idea he had so much money on him. “Open your mouth and let me see if you have any silver fillings,” Clayton said. “No? What do you do, brush your teeth?”

Clayton then proceeded to fill the container with Eisenhower silver dollars seemingly pulled from thin air.

“Wow! That’s good,” Clayton said. “Just meet me out front. We’ll go to McDonalds.”

Clayton, a Memphis-based professional magician, brought his magic show to the Hugh Dancy American Legion Post #134 in Horn Lake on Saturday and had the crowd of children and parents saying “abracadabra” and “hocus locus” and clapping as he magically linked metal rings together, successfully guessed which card a member of the audience picked, escaped Houdini-style after having his hands tied in knots, and magically divided his assistant Makayla into three parts.

“There is an unlimited number of tricks you can learn,” Clayton said. “That’s the great thing about magic. There is such a variety of entertainment and it appeals to everybody. And best of all, the audience gets to participate.”

Clayton said he became interested in magic after a magician came and performed at his school. His parents bought him a magic kit and he soon learned the “pick a card trick.” But it was the 1970s TV show “The Magician” that really inspired him to want to become a professional magician. In the show, Bill Bixby plays a stage illusionist who solves crimes.

“He lived in an airplane and he drove a white 1973 Corvette Stingray and he got all the girls,” Clayton said. “I thought, man, that’s a cool job. I want that.”

Clayton won his school talent show at age 13, and by the time he graduated high school, he had appeared on “Magicland,” a Memphis magic show broadcast on WMC-TV and hosted by Dick Williams. He later won the annual Magic Competition for his mastery of the classic Linking Rings trick.

“I’ve been doing magic here in Memphis and Southaven since I graduated in 1982,” Clayton said. “When I moved to Memphis, there was a group of magicians who used to meet at The Fun Shop. They would all get together and do tricks and they would show me tricks and I would learn from them. It was great.”

His favorite trick to perform is the Zig Zag Girl illusion where he divides his assistant into thirds. The trick was developed in 1965 and first performed on TV in England by magician Robert Harbin. Harbin published a book called “The Magic of Robert Harbin” in 1970 where he revealed the secret behind the trick. The book was limited to only 500 copies and the owners were granted permission to perform the trick in their acts. Dick Williams performed the act for the first time in America in the early 1970s.

“I saw him do that and I got to talk to him and learned how to do that illusion,” Clayton said. “A few years ago we did a memorial show for Dick Williams when he was still alive and I got to do that trick for him. Jerry Lawler came up on stage and got to help me do that trick.”

Clayton dazzled Evangelina, a young audience member, with his slight of hand card trick where he not only guessed the card she picked, but turned it from red to blue.

“I blue the trick,” Clayton said. “Get it?”

Clayton grabbed several other young volunteers from the audience to assist him on other magical feats. Tabitha was amazed by the linking rings trick. “That was so awesome,” she said.

“You’ll have to come back and show me how to get them apart,” Clayton joked at the conclusion of the trick.

Adults Richard and John thought their double knots would be impossible to escape from as they pulled as tightly as they could to secure him, but were no match for Clayton as he easily escaped.

And although he didn’t pull one out from a hat, Clayton made Edgar, a six year-old Lionhead rabbit magically appear to the delight of the youngsters, who were able to pet him after the show.

“How did you do that?” one boy asked.

“I can’t tell you,” Clayton said. “It’s top secret.”

Clayton saved the best for the end. With the help of Ward 4 Alderman Dave Young, the pair wrapped up assistant Makayla in a giant sized roll of cloth and made her disappear and Santa Claus magically appear.

Clayton performs about two shows a week ranging from corporate events to children’s magic shows and birthday parties.

He said the best way for beginners and aspiring magicians to learn magic tricks is to read books and watch videos that show you how the tricks are performed.

“When I was a kid, we went to the library,” Clayton said. “Libraries are still around. We went there and I would check out books about magic. Nowadays, there are a lot of tricks you can look up on YouTube. But books are still the best way to learn.”

The magic show drew a mix of about 40 children and parents. Young said he hopes to bring even more family entertainment to the city in the near future.

“That was great,” Young said. “I really enjoyed it. We’re trying to bring the family back in Horn Lake. And these kids will be talking about this for months. I bet the next time we do something like this it will be standing room only.”

Smile Maker – Memphis Magician Michael Clayton

For over 30 years, Michael Clayton has been putting smiles on the faces of both young and old with his unique style of magic and illusion.  From small in-the-hand up-close magic to large-scale stage Illusions Michael has entertained at everything from private parties to Libraries, Schools and Community Organizations.  He has performed several fundraising programs to support a variety of efforts.  His dinner and show fundraisers have featured some very significant guest stars, including 1989 Miss America Kellye Cash. 

So, what drives this desire to entertain?  Maybe it starts with the fact that Michael likes entertainment and being entertained.  One of his most vivid memories as a child was that each year the elementary school, where he attended always had a magician.  “It cost us .25 cents at the time, and we got to see Louie Lourachie, who later became known as Cowboy Louie.”  Louie went on to become the official Magician for Country Singer Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch in Waverly, TN.

“Back in those days, we could have entertainers come to school, just for entertainment.  Now, you pretty much have to have an educational program to be invited to perform for a school.  Regardless, I’ve never forgotten that experience as a child, and each time I perform for a school program, I want my audience to have that same experience. I’m aware that this may be the first and only experience that these children have to see safe, wholesome, family entertainment.  One of the primary reasons I became an entertainer was for the smiles.  So, my goal is to put a smile on the faces of the children I meet.  To give them a few minutes to stop everything else, forget about other worries and imagine the impossible.”

With each presentation, magic provides a unique medium to involve and interact with the audience.  In one routine, you can sit back and watch, and in another, you can help by screaming out a magic word.  Michael does his best to get the children involved and in many routines, uses volunteers from the audience.  He’s even been known to saw the Principal in two, or three.

There are few entertainers including those in the magic field that can engage and carry an audience for a lengthy period, but this is not a problem for Michael having entertained thousands of children and adults with his classical style of Illusion.  

Magician Michael Clayton Enters a Beauty Pageant

That’s right.  Back in 2010, I entered my first pageant.  Well, the reality is I walked in the door of the Miss Collierville 2010 pageant at the Harrell Theater in Collierville, Tennessee.

Miss Teen Collierville 2010 – Elizabeth Murphree and Miss Collierville 2010 – Anna Hummerickhouse

You see, just a few weeks earlier I received an email from the pageant director Ed Coleman to see if I could add a little magic to that year’s festivities.  I’m not sure where Ed got the idea of doing a magical number or two, but after some brief discussions, he brought the current Miss Collierville Anna Hummerickhouse and Miss Teen Collierville Elizabeth Murphree to meet me.  I had determined that it would be great if we could make one of the ladies magically appear and the other would get to become discombobulated. That is she would get divided-in-two.  So, thus began my journey of working with pageant winners.

Pageant Coverage from the January 24, 2010 Edition of the Memphis Commercial Appeal
Magician Michael Clayton causes Miss Collierville Anna Hummerickhouse to appear from within a glass box, assisted by Elizabeth Murphree.
Michael Clayton divides Elizabeth Murphree in-two at the Miss Collierville 2010 Pageant.

Traveling to Mississippi, I was able to engage the assistance of France Beard, Miss Mississippi’s Outstanding Teen 2011 for a program I did with my good friend and fellow magician Jimmy Dixon. This program was for the annual awards banquet of the Ridgeland Mississippi Chamber.

Magician Michael Clayton causes France Beard to appear during a Chamber Event Ridgeland Mississippi
Magician Michael Clayton causes France Beard to appear during a Chamber Event Ridgeland Mississippi
Christine Williamson, Miss Memphis 2016, and Miss Tennessee 2018

While trying to raise money to support the Memphis Ashlar Hall restoration project, I became involved in the non-profit fundraiser. In the process, the reigning Miss Memphis Christine Williamson and her sister the reigning Miss Banana Pudding Festival Crystal Williamson assisted me along with Kellye Cash. Kellye is the former Miss America, 1987.

Christine Williamson twists Magician Michael Clayton
Christine Williamson takes revenge on Magician Michael Clayton

Chrystal Williamson, Miss Banana Pudding Festival 2012, Miss Teen Collierville 2015

Modern Art Illusion with Chrystal Williamson

Kellye Cash – Miss America 1987

Callie Compton – Miss Memphis 2017 & Miss Hatchie 2019

Miranda Colegrove – Miss Henderson County 2019

Mrs. Tennessee 2019 Paige Botts