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Make your Day Care Stand Out with a Magic Show Kids and Parents will Love!

“One thing that really impressed me is how the children were so excited and wanting to jump out of their seats, but Mr. Clayton kept them calm and contained. I was also impressed with how he involved so many of the children in the magic acts. Also, there was much comedy in the act. I don’t recall the last time I heard so much laughter and giggling.”
Evelyn G. – St. Michael Catholic School, West Memphis 

“We were impressed with the way he related to the students. He had such a good rapport with the students that everyone had fun, but he was always in control of the event.”
Gwen L. – Principal, Richland Elementary

“During the entire show, our students were completely enthralled and engaged by his performance. He was entertaining, witty, funny, and, well, magical. The crowd’s “oohs” and “aahs” continued to crescendo as he proceeded to his final trick. After his finale, our students were literally on their feet asking for more!”
Landon P. – Principal, Byhalia Middle School

“Michael Clayton has come to our summer camp for three years. Every year, our kids are kept entertained
and his show is something they all look forward to seeing. His show entertains everyone from our 4 year olds to
our staff. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking for a great show. He keeps the children involved
and works well with both the young children and the older ones and is always very professional and a
pleasure to do business with. We look forward to having Michael come back in the future.”
Jeremy Robertson

Summer is here, but we’re only weeks away from school starting back.  I found a few dates empty on my calendar and I wanted to do something crazy and offer a massive

discount to a select number of local daycare’s.  So, I did a google search for Day Cares within close proximity and decided reached out to you via email, Facebook or postcard.

$97 Promotional Package:

This includes 30 minutes of magic which fits in my carry-on case. Rope, Handkerchiefs, Coins from the air, Clown-Noses, etc. Some of these effects play big but fit in a small space. Plays for large audiences just as well as small ones, and it fits in my case.

$147 Upgrade Gold Package:

This is a 45 to 60 minute program and I bring some of the larger props with me, like the Hippity Hop Rabbits or the Sonic Shoe Shine Machine (Depending upon my current show), and the children help me with a special trick where they become the magician and help me magic my magical bunny Edgar appear.  Great Photo Opportunity.

Please, take a few minutes to let me know you were here and that you are interested in this offer along with any future offers.

You can also call me directly.

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