The Magical Adventure of Reading


Unleash Your Imagination with Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton has spent a lifetime honing his magical skills. So, whether you’d like a featured addition to your Summer Reading Program, a holiday celebration, or even an employee or volunteer event, one of Michael’s programs are guaranteed to please any audience.

  • Captivating mystery and adventure themes that engage young imaginations.
  • Educational content woven seamlessly into the magic performances.
  • Professional magician with a knack for sparking curiosity and wonder.
  • Enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills in an entertaining way.
  • Adaptable programs to match library events and holidays, fostering a love for learning.

Laughter, Applause,

and lots of Smiles.

Yes, that is what you will hear and see when Michael Clayton shares his interactive brand of entertainment.

Sit back and watch the magic happen. The sleight-of-hand and Illusions are incredible, but watch the magic that happens in the room.

Listen to the Laughter, Applause, and see the Smiles on everyone’s faces. That’s the real magic.

Reading is the key that unlocks the door to thrilling adventures.

  • Dive into a book on history and be transported back in time, reliving momentous events through the pages.

  • Geographical books whisk you away to far-off lands, immersing you in the sights, sounds, and wonders of another place.

  • Biographical tales introduce captivating characters, allowing us to walk in their shoes and uncover their extraordinary lives. Auto-biographical stories provide a raw and firsthand account, inviting us into the author’s world.

  • And in the realm of fiction, imagination knows no bounds as we embark on enchanting journeys woven by the author’s creative genius.

Let your mind soar, for reading is an ADVENTURE unlike any other.


Media and Testimonials

We had Michael at our Volunteer Appreciation event, and It’s an understatement to say Michael Clayton was a huge hit. Everybody had fun. It was energizing to the crowd. We have a lot of longtime volunteers and they were having a ball. 

Keenan McCloy

Executive Director, Memphis Public Libraries

Michael Clayton presented his magic/illusion show and gave four magic workshops for the M.R. Davis Library during its Summer Reading Program. We were very pleased to have him at the library. His magic/illusion show is well equipped and professional. The children grades K-6 found it very entertaining. As anyone knows working with children it is difficult to hold their attention for any length of time. For Michael this was not a problem. His showmanship and ability to interact with the audience were both excellent.

Something I personally appreciated was his desire to contribute something extra. The workshops were more successful than we had anticipated. Michael made the extra effort so that all the children could participate and each got a degree of personal attention.

William Johnson

Library Director

One of the most enjoyable and entertaining programs of the year was recently performed by Mr. Michael Clayton, of Southaven, MS. Michael did an outstanding job of “making magic” for the elementary age children who attended a program during our Summer Reading activities. This would be a good show for all children in the K-6 age group. He was good at keeping the audience involved with his tricks and monologue.

Catherine W.


We just had a wonderful performance. A lot of participation. You shared the fun and we will have you again.

Denise M.

Librarian, Hernando Public Library

Michael put on a fabulous show for our kick-off to our Summer Reading program. His magic tricks are phenomenal and his comedy had the kids cracking up left and right. We will definitely have him back, for sure.

Sonya Nelson

Children's Libraian, Green County Library

From Books to the Stage: A Magical Library Odyssey

17 Year Old Southaven Magician Michael Clayton teaches Magic Library 1981

The library, a realm of enchantment, brimmed with countless books. During my formative years, my mother’s unwavering dedication to reading to me enriched my early experiences. Delving into books and the accompanying illustrations played an integral role in my childhood. Decades have passed, but I vividly recall my First Grade year and the inaugural visit to my school library. 

Fast forward to 1975—a year etched in my memory. After watching magician Doug Henning on Network Television, I seized the opportunity when my father had to work in Waverly, TN one Saturday. I requested to be dropped off at the Humphreys County Library to explore their collection on Magic.

Though the library’s magic book selection was modest, I distinctly recall encountering a book or two on Houdini. The narrative advances to 1976, when my family relocated to Memphis, Tennessee. Living within walking distance of the Whitehaven Library, I eagerly embarked on a quest to uncover their magical treasures.

Two particular volumes stand out in my recollection. Milbourne Christopher’s Illustrated History of Magic, an expansive tome adorned with historical photographs, and Henry Hay’s Amateur Magicians Handbook. Hay’s meticulous breakdown of sleight-of-hand techniques and performance principles proved invaluable. This resource, brimming with insights into stage magic, became a constant companion over a span of two years.

The beauty of a public library lies in its accessibility. Regardless of financial limitations or transportation constraints, anyone, even a child, can explore a diverse array of subjects through borrowed books.

Fast forward again to 1981—marking a significant milestone. A call to perform at the M.R. Davis Public Library in Southaven, Mississippi presented itself. Collaborating with Bill Johnson, the librarian, we designed a Magic Class for a select group of children enrolled in the Summer Reading Program. The week culminated in a magical showcase featuring the children and myself. Following this triumph, I was invited to perform at libraries in Hernando, Olive Branch, and Horn Lake. This became a recurring event for several years, reappearing in 1987 for a new wave of performances throughout the mid-south.

Libraries have evolved, impacted by the advent of the internet. Budget constraints occasionally pose challenges. Yet, whenever I’m invited to perform at a library, I feel as though I’ve come full circle, sharing my enduring passion—Magic. What an exhilarating journey it has been!

Benise D
Benise D
July 28, 2023
Mr. Clayton came to my daycare/preschool, and he was AMAZING!!! He was professional, kind, and ,most of all, he was very engaging!!! All of my students had an amazing time, and were truly amazed by Mr. Clayton and Jupiter the bunny. I would definitely would recommend, and will most definitely have him out again!
Brannon Poland
Brannon Poland
July 22, 2023
Exceptional show! Michael will keep you entertained and wowed with his performance. Highly recommend for parties of all ages.
Jason Warf
Jason Warf
July 15, 2023
Watched Michael’s show in downtown Dickson at an event. Included kids and adults in his show. Was fun to watch and see all the kids and adults smile and be involved.
Leah Ronk
Leah Ronk
July 11, 2023
Thank you so much Mr. Michael for your excellent performance!! Your personality, quick wit and clever tricks had all ages entertained. You fully amazed the kids and left the adults puzzled. We all had so much fun working with you. We appreciate you coming to our home and helping us make a memorable birthday party for our son and our family. Hope to have you again soon!
Sam Ronk
Sam Ronk
July 11, 2023
We hired Michael for our son's 8th birthday and he knocked it out of the park! It was in our backyard on a humid July afternoon, but he still put on an amazing performance. Everyone had fun from the youngest to the oldest. My son said he did some insane magic!!! If you need an entertainment professional who will bring some excitement and laughter to a birthday party then you can't go wrong with the magic of Michael Clayton! Thanks Michael
angel ho
angel ho
July 6, 2023
Michael really impressed us all at my daughter and nieces birthday party! I’d highly recommend him for any event from birthday parties to corporate events. Lots of fun, laughs and MAGIC !!!
Edward Doss
Edward Doss
June 18, 2023
Michael Clayton preformed an outstanding magic show in Oxford MS. He amazed everyone with his performance while captivating the attention of all present. A must see presentation.
Sally Kate Walker
Sally Kate Walker
June 17, 2023
So fun and engaging with his audience!! Our neighborhood, kids and adults alike, enjoyed the show!!!
Sharon Kelly
Sharon Kelly
June 6, 2023
The kids had a great time and enjoyed helping with the magic tricks.
Jeriod Duckworth
Jeriod Duckworth
May 22, 2023
We had the most excellent time with Mr. Clayton! For my Daughters 8th birthday today he came and rocked the house/church! He included what seemed like everyone in the crowd in his magic! I may or may not have said he’s a witch we’re gonna have to burn him to the person next to me! 😂 If you’re considering reserving him for your big day I promise what he brings is worth far more than what he charges. It’s a game changer as far as birthdays go, I’m not sure how we will possibly top it next year! Haha! Contact him fast!
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