Family Night Magic Show

Organizations can raise a few hundred or a few thousand dollars in one day depending upon marketing and participation.

There are three different programs available depending upon your expected participation and venue restrictions.

3 Program Types to fit any venue

The Grand Illusion Show

The most popular is the Grand Illusion Magic Show.  This program is a 3 to 4 person program filled with grand Illusion, dancers, and theatrical production.

The Small Illusion Show

This is a two-person program designed to play big with a small foot-print of 2-3 medium sized stage illusions.

The One-Man Stand-Up Show

This is a real audience pleaser which Michael performs solo. All of the audience participation, humor, and magic, without the big stage illusions and assistants.

The majority of this video is from my Grand Illusion program was shot at a fundraising event in Southaven, MS, and Somerville, TN. With television stars Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop; along with several corporate sponsors, we helped the Fayette County Literacy Council Raise over $10,000.00. I can’t promise that we will raise $10,000.00, but I can promise that I will help you raise a lot of money and boost membership with the least effort and time from everyone.

The Popularity of Variety Entertainment

With the popularity of America’s Got Talent and several variety programs what better way to get people involved and raise money at the same time than with a family Magic Show. I think that families are getting tired of the MTV type of entertainment and are looking for great wholesome family programs. As a parent of three, I know that finding something safe to take the whole family to is a constant challenge, and can be rather expensive. You don’t have to worry about this with my programs, and I will work with you to set a reasonable price, and budget aware.

The average price can be $8 to $15 per ticket, and I recommend that you set a family maximum, as well.

By the way, as an added feature I include a special one of a kind presentation Magical Game Show Illusion that will include a group of students in the program. The audience participation piece is one of my unique Illusions that I created for this show. The details are top secret, but I will be happy to share this once we schedule a program.

What if my school doesn’t do fundraisers?

I have heard a few schools tell me that their Parent Teacher organizations do not do fundraisers and some told me that they already had their plans set a year or two in advance. 

The neat thing about having my Grand Illusion Family Magic Show is that it can be used a variety of ways and it doesn’t cost anything, but a little time. When I say a little time, don’t think of this like all the other fundraising programs that require you to pick up inventory, use your gas and time delivering and returning products.

The other neat part about this show is that you can use it as an opportunity to boost membership support, kick off a new school year, or you can end it with a big bang.

What if we already have a fundraiser planned?

Even if you already have a product-based fundraising program planned a Family Magic Show can still be added with little to NO effort because guess what?

With the exception of notifying parents and helping coordinate the audience,  I do all the work at show time.

There are a few different ways to handle the program, and I have come up with some creatively new and proven methods to cover the show fees without any up-front costs to you.

I will be happy to meet with you to go over the various options.

Right now, I have several special offers running, and they are not limited to just the PTA, but the Band, Choir, and Sporting Booster Clubs can take advantage of these offerings.

For instance if you sign up for a fundraising event, I will provide a short magic show sometime during the week of the event, if your school is local to the Memphis Metropolitan area, or the day of the event (for schools outside of my immediate driving distance) to encourage the children to bring their families on the event night.

That’s two shows for the price of one.

There is No Cost, No Risk, No Inventories, No Refrigeration, No Returns, and No Minimums. No catches and the families get to participate in a great Family Show for a lot less than taking the family out to the movies.

Plus!! You can boost your membership participation at the event.

Plus! Plus!! You can sell concessions at the show, and sell ads for a special show Program that is handed out to each attendee and you can keep 100% of the profit from the sales. I will supply the template, and you sell the ads, but this is only if you want to make some extra funds and keep 100% of the profit minus the cost of concessions and printing, and you might even have a corporate sponsor that will cover the concessions and printing.

So, what participation is required

I have a complete program guide that I have developed to help you through selecting your volunteers to marketing the event. There are sample flyers, posters, ads and letters that can be reproduced with minimal development from you.

I’ve done most of the work, and I will supply you with posters.

Your group or organization is responsible for sending out flyers through the children and talking it up. Get a few volunteers to usher and sell walk-in tickets at the show. Count up the ticket sales at the end of each show using my supplied forms and success.

My expense depends upon the size program that we agree to for your group.

That’s it! How easy is that?

I will be glad to share my experience and ideas, and I would welcome the opportunity to explain how I can help your group meet its financial and membership goals at the next scheduled meeting, or I will arrange a special meeting with the appropriate people if that will be easier.

Michael Clayton