During the entire show, our students were completely enthralled and engaged by his performance. He was entertaining, witty, funny, and, well, magical. The crowd’s “oohs” and “aahs” continued to crescendo as he proceeded to his final trick. After his finale, our students were literally on their feet asking for more!

Landon P.

Principal, Byhalia, Middle School, Byhalia, MS

One thing that really impressed me is how the children were so excited and wanting to jump out of their seats, but Mr. Clayton kept them calm and contained. I was also impressed with how he involved so many of the children in the magic acts. Also, there was much comedy in the act. I don’t recall the last time I heard so much laughter and giggling.

Evelyn G.

Secretary, St. Michael's Catholic School, West Memphis, AR

We were impressed with the way he related to the students. He had such a good rapport with the students that everyone had fun, but he was always in control of the event.

Gwen L.

Principal, Richland Elementary, West Memphis, AR

Types of School Programs

Fundraising Shows

Make Your Parents Happy and Don’t Sell Another Product To Raise Money

Have a Family-Night Grand Illusion Magic Show, instead.

After doing a significant amount of research, I have found that this method for fundraising is very popular with parents and prefer this method over traditional product sales. 

Organizations can raise a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, in one day depending upon marketing and participation. There are also optional add-on promotions to help make even more money.

The Magic of Reading

Information coming soon.

School Assembly Program

https://www.midsouthmagic.com/school-assembly-programs/Celebrate Achievment

  • Assemblies
  • Rewards Programs
  • Field Day Events
  • PTO/PTA Enrollment/Award Programs
  • Literacy Awareness
  • Educational Messages
  • After School and Summer Programs